Moslehi Lab

UCSF's New Section of Cardio-Oncology & Immunology
Our lab is located in the Smith Cardiovascular Research Building
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About Us

We are a group of basic and translational scientists who are interested in the intersection between cardiology and oncology (“Cardio-Oncology”). Because of the explosion of novel immune-based therapies in oncology and their effects on the cardiovascular system, our group has also become interested in the intersection of cardiology and immunology. More fundamentally, we are interested in cardiovascular signaling, especially in response to various stressors including inflammation, aging, and hypoxia.

The Moslehi laboratory is closely integrated with the newly formed Section of Cardio-Oncology and Immunology at UCSF, leveraging novel clinical observations into fundamental basic questions that can be dissected in the laboratory, with the hope that laboratory discoveries translate into innovations in diagnostics and therapeutics for our patients. Using “cardio-oncology” as a platform, the Moslehi laboratory has previously defined novel human disease syndromes with subsequent basic laboratory findings translating to novel treatments for patients.